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Bail Vs Bond

Bail and Bonds though distinctive, have a similar outcome – A defendants (temporary) discharge from jail.

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BAIL VS BONDS – Important Differences

Though subtle, the main difference between a  Bail and Bond is the origin of money.

As you now know, bail is the price a defendant gives to settle his or her freedom. Bail is the money a defendant must pay to get out of jail. Bonds are posted on the offenders’ account, customarily by an accredited Bondsman or bond agency.

If the defendant or family pays bail, they are deemed to be ‘bailed’ out. Sadly many people don’t have quick funds accessible and that’s where Bail Bonds come in. 

By approving a contract known as a Surety Bond, the Bail Bond Company assumes responsibility for the bail sum if the defendant fails to appear in court, or forfeits the bail. 

How Can Greely Bail Bonds Help

Being arrested or taken to Jail is always stressful for everyone involved.  

Knowledge of what needs to be done and how it is done, that’s critical in securing your or your friend (or family members) quick release from jail.

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